Phase III is here, and it’s my main prediction as a continuing trend for 2019.

What is Phase III ?

Well, first of all, I admit that Phase III a name I totally made up.

But I think it makes a lot of sense, so allow me to explain.

Technology based companies begin at Phase I with the development of new products, which are then tested in the market. Some fail, others succeed, and most likely you know only about those in this latter group.

Phase I is innovation.

Then comes Phase II, which is when these products become viable alternatives for older yet more established tools and resources.

AirBnb was an alternative to clunky hotels.

Amazon Web Services was an alternative to clunky proprietary servers.

Uber was an alternative to clunky taxis.

Phase II is Disruption.

And we all thought this was the end, but no.

Phase III has begun.

Phase III is Revolution.

This is when these technologies become more than an alternative, and actually go on to create entirely new categories, where the older horses in the race cannot even compete in.

Examples of Phase III:

— AirBnB just announced that they will not only be a platform to rent easily, but will actually begin building low-footprint living spaces. (source)

Result: More options for low-cost living, particularly in urban areas.

— Amazon just announced that beyond traditional web services and cloud computing, they will roll out development and storage environments for blockchain and other decentralized applications. (source)

Result: More validation and adoption for decentralized applications, with all the benefits to the end user (security, speed, etc.).

— Uber announced that they will roll out vertical takeoff and landing vehicles, for urban transit via airspace. (source)

Result: More decongested urban areas, quicker transit times, among others.

See the trend?

Make no mistake, every player in business and technology is looking forward on their Phase III plans.

Phase III may not completely materialize in 2019, but you will certainly see movement in that direction from some of the brands you know and love.

How is your business outlining a Phase III in its plans?