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7 ways a cheap website can sink your business

Posted by Alex Rodríguez

Here’s a story about cheap websites: When I tell people I’m in the digital marketing business, and take a time to explain my history and credentials, they often reply with horror stories about how they hate their current site, or how their current site is really not doing anything to help their business… and quite often, I hear both.

People report this to me so often, that I just have to wonder, “How did they ever end up with something they absolutely hate, and that doesn’t work for them?”


Knowing the human nature, I can guess that the main reason is because they found the cheapest solution, and just ran with it. They wanted a “cheap website” and they got it. But did they even understand the problem? The problem they sought to solve was simply “not having a website,” but upon launching, a laundry list of problems they didn’t see coming unmercifully stares them in the face.

You get what you pay for, as they say.

(Where I grew up, they used to say something like, “it’s really expensive to go cheap.” I like that phrase a lot better. 😉 )

Here are 7 risks you take by going with the first cheap provider that crosses your way.