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Sometimes you will fail… here’s how to fail correctly.

Posted by Alex Rodríguez

The other day, I was remembering this post, in which the author complains that nobody out there is explaining n00bs how to use Twitter. The short version of the whole story is that there’s this someone who gathered a crazy number of followers through his/her name recognition, and not exactly his/her activity on Twitter. Now that person is not sure how to get into using the tool and begin capitalizing their amazing number of followers for business use. Read the above-linked post for the full profanity-laden lowdown on the author’s cries.

First of all, let’s clear up the big issue brought up: supposedly there are no people online explaining how to use Twitter, which is total garbage. Tutorials a-plenty on the web on how to use Twitter.CommonCraft has put out some excellent videos that serve as a Twitter 101, including this one on the basics,  and this other one on Twitter Search.  Mashable has a whole section of their site dedicated to learning how to use it. All these options are free, but if you want to shell out some cash just to feel better about yourself, has an excellent walkthrough (I think it costs around $30). Other than these, there are a bunch of excellent blogs out there that constantly give out updated insights.



How to nuke your creativity in 3 easy steps

Posted by Alex Rodríguez

So – your latest problem is that you feel you’re being too creative. Ideas are just flowing out of your brain like, I don’t know, something*! You’re now suffering because you’ve turned into a creative rock-star, and who wants that?! No wayes!

No worries, we have the cure for you! In just three easy steps, you can effectively nuke the last bit of creative energy in your soul. After you’re done, your ideas will be as dry as a bowl of GrapeNuts seasoned with sawdust and gravel (and no milk for you!). Just follow these steps exactly… don’t you dare do different, son!



Creatively burned out? This might help you get back on track

Posted by Alex Rodríguez

Are you currently feeling burned out? Believe me, I understand. It doesn’t take much to get you into that funk, but oh, how hard it is to climb out of it.

A lot of the times, the impression is that you just have too much stuff to do. The reality, however, can be a combination of things. Maybe what you’ve been doing is just not interesting enough. Maybe you’ve been doing too much of one thing, no matter how awesome it is, and you’re just plain bored.

No matter what got you into that state, you feel you just need some C-H-A-N-G-E.