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(Marketing Calculator) How much should you spend on marketing?

Posted by Alex Rodríguez


Have you ever wondered how much it makes sense to spend on your Digital Marketing?

Instead of giving you a flat, one-size-fits-all number, would having access to a Marketing Calculator, so that you can work from actual numbers that make sense for your own business, help you?

If so, read on! (And keep scrolling until the end for a free offer from me!)

Many business owners come to me wondering what’s possible in Digital Marketing, without a sliver or an idea on what type of budget they are willing to invest.

I understand there is a ton of confusion in this space, from people thinking that they must spend 100% of their revenue into marketing, to others fooling themselves into thinking that being “in the social media era” means that they can make six or seven figures without any kind of investment.

Here’s the reality: It’s so easy to calculate a proper budget, that on the most basic level, you can do it by just answering three questions.

And these aren’t questions that require huge essays as responses. I’m talking about three simple numbers, and numbers you probably know already, or can figure out pretty easily.

These are exactly the type of calculations I use when I consult business owners and executives, to ensure that their marketing investment is profitable and pays for itself. Now you can run the numbers completely on your own to make sure your plans are as profitable!

The calculator is here below. Have fun with it, and run the calculations as many times as you need! Sometimes it’s helpful to play with different scenarios until the right plan comes up.

Once the results look good to you, if you’d like to discuss what to do next, I’m available for a free 15-minute call. Just schedule some time with me right here.

Hope this helps!