Most of us have spent our entire lives trying to be savvy when it comes to our finances. We might buy an SUV or a family van instead of a sports car, and book flights with JetBlue or Southwest because they usually provide a better deal than other airlines.

Yet, despite all of these practical ways to be smart about money, one thing still remains certain: Sometimes, you have to look at more than just the numbers. There’s no point in buying a cheap car if it’s going to break down in six months. The same concept applies to your brand. What you invest into developing a good image will yield much better returns than penny pinching at every corner.

Do the Math

When setting up a budget for your marketing, you have to consider a lot more than actual costs. When you spend money wisely, your digital marketing ends up paying for itself and maximizes profits.

Establish Viable Goals

In order to develop the most effective marketing strategy, you have to be fully cognizant of your goals (Aimed Towards Results). You can’t just cast a wide net and hope something will stick. Who’s your target audience? How do you intend to best address their concerns? Why do you think they’d be interested in what you have to offer? The only way to do this effectively is to study your market.

Having High Standards

Your standards should be as high as the quality of your services. Do not be a conformist for the sake of saving a few bucks (or even a few hundred or thousand bucks) here and there. If you want to achieve great accomplishments, you have to have exceptionally high standards. Every single successful entrepreneur has had them. And once you set them, make it a priority to consistently deliver.

Your business’ most valuable asset is its reputation. While erring is human, you will be better off over investing as much as you can afford, than going in the opposite direction. Be like Indiana Jones and choose wisely.

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