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In my podcast The Digital Marketing Minute (link to subscribe), we just wrapped up a mega-series on digital tactics.

Many companies think about digital marketing only in terms of social media or websites, but they couldn’t be more mistaken. There is such a large array of available digital tactics to choose from, which can be combined into a cohesive and successful strategy, that ignoring these might cause them to miss out on valuable opportunities available today.

Here’s a list of 41 digital tactics, each with its own handy audio player so you can get a quick 60-second overview.

They’re organized in the following categories, based around what is your ultimate goal at a particular point of your campaign:

(You can click on those links above to go directly into a category you’re interested in right now.)

Feel free to thumb through a few that you might have not heard of, or just listen to all of them in order.

Digital Tactics: Sales

digital tactics - sales tactics
These are tactics that come in handy when you want to influence your sales in some manner or another. Here’s an intro to the topic:

1- Sales Tactic: Upsell

In this tactic, you’ll discover which is one of the most important moments in your digital strategy, and how you can enhance it even further.

2- Sales Tactic: Downsell

Here I talk about the type of thinking that goes through our prospect’s mind, which may lead them to consider a Downsell.

3- Sales Tactic: Cross-Sell

Although they may often be confused, here I describe the main difference between an Upsell and a Cross-Sell.

4- Sales Tactic: Bundling

In this audio, I explain why some items are better off sold within a bundle, rather than being sold on their own.

5- Sales Tactic: Coupons

Here I show you the strategic thinking that may prompt you to consider implementing a coupon in your campaign.

6- Sales Tactic: Price Comparisons

This tactic not only helps you sell more, but also makes you appear as transparent and trustworthy.

7- Sales Tactic: Scarcity

This tactic helps reduce the chance of buyers saying that they’ll make the purchase later.

8- Sales Tactic: Free Trial

This tactic may help differentiate you in a wildly competitive environment.

Digital Tactics: Audience-Building

digital tactics - Audience Building
Here I explain one of the biggest struggles in marketing, and how this genre of tactics can help you overcome it.

9- Audience-Building Tactic: PPC Ads

Here I show you the trick with PPC ads, which will help you save loads of money on your ad budget.

10- Audience-Building Tactic: CPM Ads

In this episode, I show you a few scenarios in which a CPM ad may be a perfect fit for your strategy.

In the second part on CPM Ads, I show you how CPM is fundamentally different from CPC ads.

11- Audience-Building Tactic: Display Ads

In this audio I talk about some advantages of Display ads over other types of advertising.

12- Audience-Building Tactic: Retargeting

Here I explain what “Retargeting” really refers to, at its most simplified definition.

13- Audience-Building Tactic: Retargeting

This episodes explains why Retargeting can be a powerful tool to build an audience.

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14- Audience-Building Tactic: Sponsored Content

Here you’ll learn the real definition of Sponsored Content, and how it’s different from standard content.

15- Audience-Building Tactic: Mobile Ads

Here I give you the answer on why a brand would want to target mobile users specifically.

16- Audience-Building Tactic: YouTube Ads

Here I show you the three types of ads you can run on YouTube, and when to consider using each one.

17- Audience-Building Tactic: Opt-In Pages

Here you’ll learn the four elements you need to think about before deploying your Opt-In page.

18- Audience-Building Tactics: SMS Campaigns

Here I show you what the acronym “SMS” means, and why this tactic still works, despite how old the technology is.

19- Audience-Building Tactics: App Notifications

Here I explain the two steps that need to occur before you send out push notifications.

20- Audience-Building Tactics: Affiliate Deals

Here you’ll discover the first step that needs to take place before you open up your affiliate program.

21- Audience-Building Tactics: Traffic Through Content

In this episode, you’ll find out why content marketing has existed long before digital marketing came into play, along with to examples to support this assertion.

22- Audience-Building Tactics: Email Marketing

Here you’ll find out why email is still one of the most direct channels of communication, and the three main questions you should consider when deploying an email marketing tactic.

Digital Tactics: Awareness

digital tactics - awareness tactics
Here I tell you the type of objectives that an Awareness Tactic can help you reach, as well as two helpful benefits of this genre of Tactics.

23- Awareness Tactics: #Hashtag Movements

Here’s how a Hashtag Movement can help support your Awareness objectives.

24- Awareness Tactics: On-Location Web Content

Here’s why limiting access to certain types of content — as strange as that may seem — may actually be the wisest thing to do in some instances.

25- Awareness Tactics: Influencer Outreach

Here you’ll find out how reaching out to online influencers could help amplify your brand message.

26- Awareness Tactics: Video Assets

This episode will show you how video has been gaining ground as the content media of choice for brands.

27- Awareness Tactics: Visual Assets

Here are a few different examples of visual assets you can use to give your awareness campaign super powers.

28- Awareness Tactics: CPV Ads

In this one, you’ll discover how CPV Ads are fundamentally different from other types of ads, like CPC, CPM, CPA, etc.

Digital Tactics: Engagement

digital tactics - engagement tactics
This genre of tactics follows a very different approach from the other categories of tactics shown above, and here I explain exactly why.

29- Engagement Tactics: Online Forums

Here are some specific actions a brand can take to engage through Online Forums.

30- Engagement Tactics: Forum-Like Tools

Here I explain some of the features that this type of Tools offer to brand and their administrators.

31- Engagement Tactics: Commenting

Here is the goal you should chase after when having highly topical conversations around your brand topic.

32- Engagement Tactics: Games

Here are a few of the benefits of applying this tactic in your business.

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33- Engagement Tactics: Helpful Tools

Here is one of the most attractive assets you can produce for your online presence.

34- Engagement Tactics: Live Video

Here are a few tips on how to put together a highly engaging and interesting live streaming presentation.

35- Engagement Tactics: Contests

Here I talk about one of the easiest ways to quickly excite an audience.

Loyalty Tactics

digital tactics - Loyalty Tactics
Here I give you details on the end goal of Loyalty Tactics, both from a measurable point of view, as well as an emotional perspective in your audience.

36- Loyalty Tactics: Rewards

Here I show you one of the easiest ways to make customers feel like they are getting way more than what they paid for.

37- Loyalty Tactics: Subscription Perks

This is why giving your customers the “VIP treatment” can be a way to keep them from going to your competitors.

38- Loyalty Tactics: Tiered Offer System

This tactic can both increase your revenue base, and also increase your average value per customer.

Mobile Tactics

digital tactics - mobile tactics
Here are few realities companies should seek to be aware of when trying to capitalize on this trend.

39- Mobile Tactics: Mobile Apps

Here I tell you the two main functions businesses seek to promote through their mobile apps, and what defines one of the best functions for mobile apps

40- Mobile Tactics: Geofencing

Here’s how to send targeted messages to potential buyers right when they’re around your location.

41- Mobile Tactics: Search Ads

Here I talk about one of the largest opportunities in digital right now.

And that’s it! Fourty-one digital tactics that you might have forgotten about, and that — hopefully — with this help, you’ll consider an idea or two for your next campaign.

Remember that all of these tactics are explained in my book, Digital BACON, along with some awesome examples of how you can link them together into a cohesive strategy.