You are all artists in one way or another.

Through any form of expression available to you, you are most likely in tune with aesthetics (making things look/feel great).

…But that’s not the big idea here. Keep reading. 🙂

A key tenet of successful artists is to perform massive output.

Why? Because ideas often might seem great in our heads, but it’s not until they are tested with an audience that we become aware of how good these ideas really are.

If you look at most “visionary” artists who hit it big within a certain style, and look at their track record, you’ll notice a trail of true duds where they didn’t quite hit the mark.

But they kept trying different things they came up with, until BANG! They hit their groove.

Why do I bring this up?

I see many of you being extremely shy and reserved around your output.

You’re either doing the same thing again and again when you haven’t yet refined your message, or you’re just not making the effort.

That’s not how artists do it.

You will never hit your prime by practicing in your head.

You have to OUTPUT.

You need to package and SHIP.

You need to expose your ideas even though they might flop.

To tell the truth, I’ve flopped hundreds of times.

Who cares, though? Better an idea that flops than a safe lack of an idea.

While I’m on this note… Do you know something else successful artists do very little of?

Sit down and spend their day ruminating about other artists.

Why? Because the business of an artist is to PRODUCE, not to CONSUME.

I rarely waste my energy talking (positively or negatively) about gurus. I have way too much on my plate — current and future ideas in the works — to pay attention to someone else’s lab experiments.

Yes, we all have influences, and yes, we acknowledge those who came before us.

But as the author of your own message, it’s a mistake to think that the most important big ideas will come from eating popcorn and listening to that guru who has a million views on their YouTube channel.

No. The big idea will sprout from that space between your ears. 🙂

But you HAVE to output. Flush the mind every single day. Let these ideas fly freely.

Show the world what you’ve got, and either reap the rewards or suffer the shame.

Then you refine, tweak, modify.

And do it again the next day.