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7 Ways To Make Your Offer Irresistibly Attractive

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    On Making Our Digital Marketing More Human

    by Alex Rodríguez 0

    So many times, we fall into crass de-humanization when we market online to prospect and current customers. This causes us to treat people as soulless meatballs, rather than individuals with deep feelings, desires, aspirations, struggles, etc. By doing so, we disconnect from the value of compassion, which puts us at risk in many ways: Risk […]

  • how to get found on google

    How to get found on Google: 3 tips for businesses

    by Alex Rodríguez 0

    Everyone these days wants some love from Google. No, not cuddling with the Googz like a furry Pillow-Pet. What we mean is that true business leaders want their brand to be found first when eager buyers look for a trusted service or a reliable product… and what better place to be positioned than an engine gobbling and […]